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Driveways and Garages

Paving Rubber and Paving Resin are used to create a resilient, non-skid surface that is virtually indestructible. Garages and driveways are comprised of a denser rubber granule than other applications and an extremely strong polyurethane resin. Professionally installed over your existing surface or base, Paving Rubber and Resin expands and contracts to accommodate temperature change and ground movement.

Paving Rubber comes standard in black, and you have the option of adding coloured flecks of our high quality EPDM or TPV rubber to help blend in with the surrounding of your home.

  • Appealing and blends into surroundings
  • Slip resistant and withstands in all weather conditions
  • A durable and seamless solution
  • Reasonable price option to concrete or asphalt
  • Stretches to accommodate any sub surface movement (No cracked asphalt or concrete)
  • Resistant to any salt or de-icer solutions
  • Trouble-free snow removal ( safe for use with metal shovels and snow blowers)
  • Environmentally friendly

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